PT Pangansari Utama

PT Pangansari Utama (PSU) is an Indonesia-based food, logistics, retail and facilities management support company with world class capabilities. We are the largest industrial catering and food distribution company in Indonesia, as well as providing integrated housekeeping services and food distribution to remote-area mining and energy exploration sites.

The integrated approach enables PSU to devise cost-efficient, seamless solutions for all customers' support needs under one roof, freeing clients to focus on their core business. PSU is ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 22000 : 2005 and ISO 14001 : 2004 certified, and are rated by NOSA Occupational Health and Safety.

Being a leader in its field, PSU regularly supplies to multinationals and well-known domestic companies, including handling the needs of remote oil and gas operations as far afield as Africa, Mongolia and Singapore. With a proven track record of excellence that stretches back over three decades, it is no wonder that PSU has become the provider of choice in the catering industry.

Quality, Safety and Security

World Class Standards

PSU operates to international standards of quality, safety and security. These values are embedded in our corporate culture and organization, having evolved from our initial expertise as a food service provider and strengthened over three decades. In addition, we also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Our food operations are ISO 22000 Certified for Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management System, and are halal compliant as well. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management has been awarded a NOSA Five Star Rating and the subsequent title of the world's leading caterer at the time. Finally, our Environmental Management System is ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Staff Training & Audits

PSU staff rigorously trained to uphold the company's quality and hygiene standards, undergoing periodic refresher training. Quality checks are also a regular part of operations, to make sure that every product that goes out is up to standard. Furthermore, the quality and safety practices at PSU plants and kitchen are totally transparent and are always available for inspection by customers. In fact, every week, PSU facilities are inspected by third party inspectors to ensure that they meet certain customer requirements.

Fully Controlled Supply Chain

A key factor is our ability to guarantee food safety and security is our control over the entire supply chain, from sourcing to processing and delivery. Each step is monitored or carried out by PSU staff.
With thousands of customers to satisfy daily, our ability to keep the standard high and generate consistently good quality products is tested and proven around the clock.