PSU's distribution service caters to remote client sites as well as the wholesale and retail sector. Our distribution network is set up to handle client needs throughout every corner of an archipelago that comprises over 17,000 islands across three time zones and beyond. From northernmost Aceh to the remote forests of Papua, from offices and businesses in the capital of Jakarta to oil rigs in the South China Sea and the mine sites of Mongolia, PSU can be relied on to deliver.

For client sites in remote and challenging areas, PSU's distribution expertise and capabilities represent a vital link. In the extreme east of Indonesian for example, food is imported for client sites direct from Cairns in Australia, and from the logistics center operated by PSU and its partner in Singapore. As an outgrowth of these services, PSU is regularly entrusted with loading, handling, documentation and shipping of non-food items such as cement, sulfur, fertilizer, gas cylinders, machine parts, loose cargo, and personal goods and consumables to remote sites on land and at sea.